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Mark Meyer

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23 June 2021

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Thom Hudson, photographer at Meyers Estate Agents 60 second interview

Who are you and what does it say on your business card? 

Thom Hudson, photographer at Meyers Estate Agents

What is Meyers and what does it do?

Meyers was set up ten years ago to revolutionize the way estate agents worked and we are doing it!  Franchisees don’t have a high street location, so the set-up costs are low as agents mainly work from home.  As agents become more successful, they take on other self-employed staff to enable them to grow their territories.  We aim to provide a premium service with great local knowledge, better marketing and a higher quality of customer service than our competitors to improve the house buying and selling process.  Perfect pictures of the properties are part and parcel of that.

What services do you offer and in what ways do you work with estate and letting agents? 

Previously, I was a photographer for Laura Ashely and Kew Gardens.  Now, myself and my small team work exclusively for Meyers and have done so for seven years.  We provide all the digital imagery for the company which can include 3D virtual tours and drone footage of properties or staff photos and images for marketing.  Our bespoke photos enable us to avoid supermarket style photo outfits, or the problem of novices doing a poor job and means people can sell their properties for the most money possible.  I average 2,500 miles per month taking photos for Meyers!

What makes your product different and how does it benefit agents?

Using one photographer for the company’s imagery means all the pictures and footage stay on brand.  Our distinctive look achieved through overlaying multiple exposures and careful editing to create the perfect image, ensures properties are shown-off to their very best advantage.  Clients have said they ‘always know a Meyers property when they see the pictures of one’.


What the most unusual house you’ve had to photograph?

Our franchisee for Pool’s first £1million+ property had a jacuzzi room and swimming pool which was pretty cool.  What was a bit of a surprise was the large living room converted into a giant indoor chinchilla hutch, complete with livestock!

Another unusual residence I was asked to photograph were two houses belonging to a retired couple who’d ended up building a complete replica of the property they lived in, right next door, in order to house the husband’s extensive ‘hoard’ of automotive memorabilia!

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Getting positive feedback from vendors who’ve struggled to sell with a previous agent and who’ve then gone onto sell quickly with Meyers.  Buying and selling houses can be stressful and we enable people to move on.

What is your property prediction for 2021?

We’ve been really busy and anticipate the positive market continuing.  There has been a huge rise in prices recently, but this is likely to slow slightly as the SDLT holiday comes to an end and hopefully things return to some sort of normality.

Country house or city apartment? 

Country house.

Would you rather be a free-moving tenant or settled owner occupier? 

Owner occupier.

What is your favorite room in your home? 

The kitchen as I’m rather fond of cooking!

Homes under the Hammer or Location, Location, Location? 

I actually like Grand Designs as I’ve renovated a few properties in the past and enjoy seeing the magical transformations and learning from the mistakes of others!

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